Medical Facilites

Our team is professionally trained to handle the cleaning needs of your medical practice. In our approach to healthcare cleaning services, we understand the necessity of surface disinfection and using proper disinfecting products to help prevent HAI’s, (Healthcare-associated Infections). Whether you’re managing a hospital, medical office building, dental practice, naturopathic center or acupuncture clinic.

Our healthcare cleaning service programs ensure proper disinfecting and thorough cleaning practices. As our cleaning company standard and practice we primarily use environmentally preferable products and equipment, such as microfiber, terry towels and complete sealed anti-allergen HEPA system vacuums as well as all natural cleaning products. However; do to the disinfecting needs of medical facilities, we use the proper disinfecting products where needed most to eliminate any microorganisms that may be present and we use the greener products where possible to help provide a clean and healthier environment for your patients and staff.

Cleaning Service Programs: Our office communication system allows you to correspond directly with our staff on a daily basis, while our company Iphone system allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with our management for any questions or additions that you would like to make to your regular cleaning schedule. We find that providing you with this level of communication attributes to the personal care that we consistently offer our clients and helps ensure quality and consistency every time we clean. We are confident in our ability to meet the cleaning needs of your health care facility and look forward to providing you with excellent cleaning service.








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