Getting Started

Getting started with Green Living Cleaning Company is easy! ..and we're glad to walk you through it!

Quick Start:

What information will you need?

  • Types of cleaning service desired. Please see our Services page for a complete list and description of our services.
  • Contact information
  • Street Address
  • Residence or Building Description including square footage

Service Estimate Request Details

Step #1
Fill out our Free Estimate request form via our website or simply call to schedule a walk through of your home or office.

During our walk through consultation with you we will discuss the cleaning needs of your home or office and decide on what cleaning services will be best to take care your cleaning needs, as well as answer any questions you may have.



Fill out our Free Estimate form Here!

Step #2
After we have conducted a walkthrough and discussed the types of cleaning services that will best meet your needs we will send you a detailed service estimate.

Please review your cleaning service estimate and make any changes or additional requests at this time. Remember that we are flexible and you can feel free to change or update your service plan at any time after you begin receiving regular service.

Approve the cleaning service estimate and begin receiving regular cleaning maintenance in your home or office building.

Regular cleaning service will begin on the following business week upon expectance of your cleaning service estimate unless otherwise requested.

Thank you for choosing Green Living Cleaning Company!